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Georgia Beechey

Georgia Beechey-Gradwell - Footnote Dance Company

I began dancing at Judith Fuge Dance School when I was 9 years old. The school offered an amazing array of technique and competition classes, so I built up more and more each year. I ended up dancing at JFDS for a decade, training in Contemporary, Ballet and Jazz; exam work and competitions. The teachers were inspiring, and provided consistent advice and incredible opportunities to their students. I also felt that I was always being pushed - both physically and creatively - but always to a healthy extent.


My experience of Judith Fuge's school was an entirely positive one. I always felt supported on a personal level by the teachers to fulfil my goal to make a career of dance. I have now reached my goal of becoming a full time contemporary dancer, and this is, in large part, due to the incredible foundation that this dance school and its teachers gave me.


During my time at JFDS, I witnessed the commitment given by JFDS to providing every student with the tutelage they specifically needed, and I saw the teachers going out of their way to make all dance pathways possible. I am proud to say my teachers at JFDS have now become part of my personal friendship network.


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Chris Mills Dancer

Chris Mills - Australian Dance Theatre

Judith and the Judith Fuge dance school have highly influenced and shaped me into the person I am today.


I am so lucky to have experienced being a part of a community with such amazing people. I strongly value my time spent at the school as I learned so many morals and beliefs I live by today, not only as a Artist but in my day to day life.


I am so privileged to have been taken under Judith's wing. Judith encouraged me to believe that with a hard work ethic, resilience and a growth mindset, it is totally possible to achieve what you want in life. I have such respect for Judith and thank her for her time and effort, her support and going above and beyond.


Looking back at my time at the Judith Fuge dance school fills my mind with such nostalgic memories. I was able to connect with movement in a way that is really indescribable. At the school I feel you are not only taught, but encouraged and guided to discover yourself as a dancer, to connect with others and to live in the moment which I find pretty special. The teachers and friends and the many hours spent with them in the studio and on stage are moments I will always hold onto.


I believe that the school is not only a place that produces talented and incredible Artists but strong and lovely people that have a voice to speak out and change the world we with live in.


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Jennie Afeaki (nee Hunt) - Head of Dance & Drama at Dubai English Speaking School

Judith Fuge is the epitome of all that encompasses dance. Her philosophy that dance is for everyone shows in how she welcomes her students into a family environment. Students are nurtured and encouraged to be the best that they can be while catering for diversity.

Judith's teachers are of the best quality. She ensures they are professionally trained and are current in the teaching of the syllabus. She takes an active interest in each of their classes.

As a former student and teacher at JFDS, Jude was my mentor and role model, and I can testify that she personally encouraged me in my passion for dance. Through dance and the values she modelled to me many doors have opened to me in my career.

I would recommend Judith Fuge Dance School to anyone considering starting their child on a voyage and love of dance.

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