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Students are prepared for non-compulsory examinations and we have had many successful NZAMD National scholarship nominations.

  • Exams are held in September for Jazz and Contemporary.
  • Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams are held normally early in Term 4.
  • Dance NZ Made Hip Hop exams run concurrently in the September examination session.
  • Examinations are available but not compulsory from age 6
  • Medal and rosette tests are available but not compulsory before that time.

Minimum Age Limits

Jazz: ‘Intro’ - 2.5 years at year start
Ballet: ‘Angelina Ballerina’ - 3yrs at year start
Tap: ‘Beginner’ - 6 yrs at year start
Contemporary: ‘Introductory’ - 9 yrs at year start
Hip Hop: ‘Level 1’ - 5 1/2 yrs at year start


JFDS Examinations

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